About Momogus Knits

I'm a longtime knitter and knitting instructor. Like many knitters, I wanted to knit simple beautiful sweaters for friends' babies and simple comfortable sweaters and hats for my own child, but I had a difficult time finding single, versatile basic patterns. When I started working in a yarn store, at least once a day a customer would come in asking for a “basic baby sweater” pattern or a “basic men's hat” pattern, and there were very few out there. So, I decided to design my own, and Momogus Knits was born.

I love knitting and want you to love your knitting, too. That’s where my patterns come from. Momogus Knits has the easy, classic bread-and-butter patterns every knitter needs at his or her fingertips, as well as a wide range of patterns featuring more complex techniques for those times when a knitter wants to stretch his or her skills.

Our patterns are designated ES (Essentials Series) for those basic simple patterns a knitter turns to again and again, and NS (Next Steps Series) for more challenging projects that include techniques like cables or lace.

I've included a “Help and How To!” section on this website which explains terms and techniques and offers some tips for succesful results. You’ll find a page to help you get started knitting, a glossary of knitting terms, and a helpful tips section. All three pages include a link to download the pages as PDFs to save for future reference. (You may also download the guides right here on this page from the right hand sidebar.)

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone if you ever have any questions or comments.