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Our simple, easy knitting patterns are designed to give you beautiful results with a minimum of fuss! These easy-to-follow patterns are clear and concise — so you'll enjoy your knitting without trying to interpret complex and confusing directions. Easy knitting patterns, basic knitting patterns — perfect for both the seasoned knitter or the beginning knitter. Knitters appreciate the many truly unique qualities of our patterns. Each pattern offers more than one design option — which means that the same pattern can be used over and over. And, as part of our commitment to making life simple, each age group's knitting pattern designs — for babies, for kids, and for adults — are written at the same gauge. That means the yarn you buy for a sweet baby cardigan can be used to knit a matching hat. No more unused leftovers or futile searches for matching patterns! And don't miss our Help + How To section, where you can find a How to Get Started Knitting guide, a Glossary of Knitting Terms, and a Helpful Knitting Tips page. Each page also provides links to download the materials as a PDF. Knitting is enjoyable — we're here to help.

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Baby Chestnut Hill Gansey Cardigan Knitting Pattern NS30

baby cardigan knitting pattern sample

The yoke pattern on this sweet little fisherman-style cardigan echoes the trolley tracks and cobblestones of Philadelphia's historic Chestnut Hill neighborhood.

Why Momogus Knits?

Our easy, classic bread-and-butter patterns are just what every knitter needs at his or her fingertips. We take great care to give you clear, precisely written instructions so your knitting experience will be a smooth one.

For those times when you want to stretch your skills, our NS series of patterns feature more complex techniques — with our hallmark clarity and detail.

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